The Power of Connection

May 20, 2019

I recently attended a client-hosted luncheon for a group of people who been placed for adoption by my client, The Cradle.  It was a reunion luncheon and the second time they had hosted this event.  It was my first time attending.  My role was to help with set-up, greeting guests, ensuring the A/V was working, etc.  While we have all participated in more of these events than we care to recall, there was something very special about this luncheon. 

Each of these individuals had a common bond – adoption.  And while each of their stories is unique, this common bond provided an opportunity for intimacy among relative strangers.  People shared their stories with one another, cried together, laughed together and felt such an overwhelming positivity we all left with a sense of joy. 

Connecting people who are touched by your mission can be powerful.  Is there an opportunity for you to host a gathering for a group of “friends” of your organization?  Consider this:

Who are the different constituent groups who are connected to your mission?

Is there a reason to get one of these groups together (a speaker session, a lunch and learn, a cocktail party) to provide an opportunity to connect?

Is there someone who may be interested in spearheading this effort?

These are great opportunities to provide “mission moments” outside of the typical schedule of meetings and fundraisers.  It doesn’t have to cost much and really doesn’t take that much effort.  I guarantee it’s worth the effort!