First Impressions

June 07, 2019

Over the past few weeks, several of my client conversations have focused on the on-boarding process.  Whether on-boarding a new employee, a summer intern or even a volunteer, first impressions matter.  Often times, organizations spend lots of time and energy on the recruiting process (which is vital), and once the person is hired, they are […]

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The Power of Connection

May 20, 2019

I recently attended a client-hosted luncheon for a group of people who been placed for adoption by my client, The Cradle.  It was a reunion luncheon and the second time they had hosted this event.  It was my first time attending.  My role was to help with set-up, greeting guests, ensuring the A/V was working, […]

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The Importance of Feedback

October 07, 2018

The reality for most nonprofits is – even in a good year – salary increases for staff members often reflects a cost of living adjustment (COLA) only.  Because the amount is small, this increase is typically distributed evenly among all staff members.  In addition, many organizations are lax about providing formal performance reviews.  In my […]

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Who needs to think about succession planning? We all do!

April 27, 2018

I am considering retiring in 18 months.  Do I need to think about succession planning?  YES. My organization is relatively flat.  Do I need to think about succession planning?  YES. My organization is small.  Do I need to think about succession planning?  YES. I have only been in my role for a year.  Do I need […]

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Leading vs. Managing

March 19, 2018

Over lunch last week, one of my clients told me about the professional development work her leadership team has been doing together.  One topic which really resonated with me was understanding the difference between “leading” and “managing” a team.  The topic has been on my mind all week.  So, just for fun, I decided to […]

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